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Power belongs to the one with charge.



Fundamental Innovation Systems International LLC ("Fundamental") is a limited liability company headquartered in Flower Mound, Texas. The company focuses on advanced charging technologies and has recently acquired a robust patent portfolio from one of the industry's premier power charging innovators.

Fundamental continues to explore advancements in the field of power charging. Through significant investments in  research and development, Fundamental strives to create a faster and safer charging experience.

Patent Portfolio


Fundamental Innovation Systems International acquired its power charging patent portfolio from  Blackberry (formerly RIM).

Blackberry invented and developed USB charging technologies that were a transformative advancement over the original USB specifications developed in the mid-to-late 1990s. Prior to Blackberry’s developments, devices required separate and distinct data and power ports. Consumers were burdened with carrying multiple cords and proprietary connectors to both transfer data and charge devices.

Blackberry’s charging inventions transformed portable electronics by enabling readily available power charging in a desirable small form factor. Manufacturers of hand-held and wearable devices quickly adopted these innovations as customers demanded increased functionality, decreased device size, and convenient charging. USB charging is now ubiquitous for a wide range of consumer electronic devices.

Seamless Charging


Enabling portable devices to receive greater power from USB hosts and chargers than limited by earlier USB specifications. In particular, by using pre-enumeration connection techniques, these enhancements achieve objectives of: (i) allowing higher current draws from USB hosts and chargers; (ii) allowing the use of charging adapters such as wall and auto chargers that are not capable of enumeration; and (iii) eliminate the need for separate data and power ports and their associated hardware on the same device.

Seamless Charging
Plug Side Enablement


Enabling USB hosts and chargers to identify themselves as charging adapters and control the amount of power provided at the USB connector. These enhancements achieve objectives of: (i) reducing the cost of the charger; (ii) allowing interoperability between chargers and portable devices; and (iii) controlling the amount of current.

Plug Side Enablement
Power Configuration


Enabling portable devices and hosts / chargers to exchange configuration information. These power configuration enhancements achieve objectives of: (i) identifying operating characteristics of the power path; (ii) communicating operating characteristics of the charger or rechargeable battery; and (iii) controlling battery charge indicators at the charger.

Power Configuratin
Power Distribution


Enabling devices to manage supplying power to multiple devices or receiving power from multiple devices. These power distribution enhancements achieve objectives of: (i) enabling recharging multiple batteries in one device (e.g., a 2-in-1 computer); (ii) enabling USB hubs that supply power to multiple devices; and (iii) increasing charging speed on portable devices by enabling greater current draw.

Power Distribution
Power Management


Enabling devices to power both a portable device and a rechargeable battery from a limited capacity power supply. These enhanced power management circuits achieve  objectives of: (i) providing sufficient operating power to the device; (ii) maximizing the power delivered to rechargeable batteries for charging; and (iii) dual power paths for system operation and battery recharging that permits device power-up with a dead or deeply discharged battery.

Power Management
R & D


Fundamental Innovation Systems International invests substantial time and resources into the advancement of power charging technologies. The development of smart charging techniques enables safer and more efficient power management and distribution.


With research into progressive battery monitoring and charge optimization, Fundamental aims to develop more stable, yet faster charging, devices. Fundamental is also exploring concerted interaction between the device, power source, and battery for enhanced energy utilization.


As part of its committed investment in smart charging technology, Fundamental continues to seek patent protection with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its new inventions.

R & D
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